All trophies are available in every color of the rainbow, in addition to black, silver and gold. Simply select a “style” of trophy and we can add a specific figure for your event. Made with genuine marble bases, adding weight.


Cups… Simple and elegant. Loving cups are a versatile award used for academic, corporate and sporting events alike.

What better way for your fantasy football team to boast its winning record than with this beauty!

These cups are mounted to a large walnut or marble base. Travel throughout your organization, acknowledging your Top Team or department quarterly or even annually.

Single Column

For young athletes and achievers just starting sports or academics. Larger wider columns and risers add substance without cost. Great for academic achievements. The addition of a trim makes place recognition easy.

These trophies boast a single column with a number of figures and trims. Trophies are available in many sizes and configurations.

Double Column

These two poster trophies take two hands to signify victory for your team.

Triple Column

Three poster trophies make a large statement for any event. These magnificent awards can come in a variety of heights and sport a number of figures, finishes, and so on. Make a grand statement that says as much about your event as it does about the winners!

Four Poster

Four poster trophies are the ultimate “heavy weight.” Great for tournament “champions” to recognize their hard earned victory.

Please Note:
Prices include: Team or Event name and year. Personalization and additional lines are extra cost. Minimum quantities apply.